Junior Literary Club Plays – Summer Term 1917

On May 31st you would hardly have recognised the Wilderness garden, which Miss Bagnall so kindly lent for the I., IL, IIL and Lower IV. Forms to act their plays in.
At 4 o’clock, if you had come into the kitchen at Rose Villa, you would have seen it strewn with various acting clothes, which some of the Lower IV. actors were trying to put on. We bad to cover ourselves over with long coats to hide our dresses.
At 4.30, the visitors arrived, and amongst them were Miss Douglas, Miss Lucy, Miss Bagnall and Miss Prosser.
There was a great deal of bustle and excitement, and the Chairman of the Literary Club announced that the 1st Form would now act their play. It was called ‘”The Dream Fairy,” written by Betty Clarke and Betty Salisbury. Muriel Arnold took the part of an old grandmother, and acted it very well. As there was no curtain, the Chairman hid, “Would you kindly shut your eyes while the first scene of the 2nd Form is being prepared?” It was a great temptation to open our eyes as we now and then caught glimpses of fairies, who were dressed in beautiful fairy-like frocks.
It was a most charming little play, called ” The Twins in Fairyland,” and was written by Betty Aldworth. The fairies did a sweet little dance, at the end of which the ‘Twins’ presented Miss Douglas with two lovely bunches of peonies. Mademoiselle Cornellie and Miss Oliver very kindly took a, great deal of trouble in arranging it, and making some of the dresses.
Then came the 3rd Form play, which was thrilling, and was called “The Desert Island.” Rachel Aldworth was the authoress, and was helped by other members of the Form. The savages acted their parts extremely well, and quite frightened us by piercing shrieks, as they rushed upon the poor shipwrecked crew, who were stranded on ” The Desert Island.” After the 3rd Form had finished acting their exciting play, the Lower IV. came upon the scene. Their play was called ” The Experiences of a Red Cross Nurse,” which was written by Peggy Savage and Marjorie Sargeaunt. All the plays were a great success, and we hope that all who were present enjoyed them.