Lawn Tennis – Christmas 1915

The Championship Singles was won by A. Chambers; a win that was expected, owing to her superiority in style over D. Wilson, who was unfortunately quite off her game.

N. Chalk won in the final of the Second Sixteen, and plays in very good style.

Now that several do play in good style, the next thing is to learn to hit long, hard, low, well-placed shots down the side lines, and across the court, without dropping every second ball into the bottom of the net, or miles away into the stop netting. Until we learn to do this our friends from Winchester will always have an easy victory over us.

The Lawn Tennis Tournament on July 17th was divided into five sixteens, and the weakest player in each division put with the strongest, keeping all the best players in the first division, the second best in the second division, and so on. The result was some excellent games, and for the first time amongst the better players a little extra hard hitting was indulged in, which made the play a great deal more interesting to the spectators than the usual garden-party pat-ball or Bumble Puppy, as it is often called.

The match between the Staff and the School resulted in much too easy a victory to the Staff. Do try and beat us next year!